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In the early morning of October 25, Beijing time, the sixth round of the Premier League will stage a focus game, Manchester United vs. Chelsea at home. Solskjaer said at the pre-match conference that Cavani, Maguire and Greenwood all have opportunities to play this game.


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"Of course this is very important. I saw the players' focus in the game against Newcastle, and the defeat in Paris gave everyone more confidence. These two victories are really critical, but that's all. It’s a game against Chelsea."


"Chelsea’s league start is a bit like us. Some games played well, others didn’t. Of course we know that the games will be very difficult. We played against them four or five games last year and we all know each other very well."


"He has completely adapted, and of course he has to face the competition for position, which also gives him time to adapt to his new teammates."


"Vanderbeck is definitely a top player. He is very humble and hardworking, and he is eager for more opportunities to play. The season is still long and you will see more and better performances from him."


"Manchester United has an excellent record and tradition in cultivating young players, which means you have to form good professional habits from the very beginning. Mason made some mistakes in the England team and was surrounded by the media."


"What I said here may disappoint the media. He has never been late for training. In the past few days I heard some Manchester United stars comment on him. They don't know what they are talking about. I don't know where these hearsay stories come from. It sounds."


"I hope all three of them can participate in this game. Of course, there will be another training session today. The last time before the game, everyone will have a chance."


"Cavani needs to complete every preparation to prepare for the competition. I will talk to him today, and of course Mason (Greenwood) and Harry (Maguire)."




"Anything will not be blurred by the passage of time, it will always be recorded in history. You need to look back at the failures from time to time, but after all, you have to move forward."


"This kind of loss has happened many times in Manchester United. Football is like this. You always have to face all kinds of unexpected failures, but so far, we have responded very well."


"For him, who hasn't played for 10 months, the match against Paris is perfect. He should be proud of his performance. Tou Anzebe is very professional and training hard enough. During the recovery period, he returned too. Many, this is the result."


"I am happy for him. The most important thing for him now is to maintain a stable state. Many positions are not difficult for him. Right back, central defender, and even midfielder are not a problem. There is still a lot of career. Long, he will play even better in the future."


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